Grand Hotel

Plot & Synopsis

The Grand Hotel is an exciting world filled with secrets and tales, told through the lives of different society members regardless of their class in the 50s. The wealthy and rich reside in the hotel, whilst the servants and businessmen each do their part as they tell the story. Ali decides to visit his sister that works at the Hotel, to his surprise she had left before he arrived. Doubt fills his heart as he asks the people around about her, but he doesn’t get a straight answer. As he struggles to find out what happened to his sister, he falls in love with Nazly, the daughter of the hotel’s owner. However Nazly’s mother will not allow her to marry the brother of a servant, but tries to make her marry her cousin Morad, to save the family from bankruptcy.


Mohammed Shaker Khudair


Eagle Films / Beelink Productions


  • Sawsan Badr
  • Nada Mousa
  • Mohammed Mamdouh
  • Dina Elsherbini
  • Anoushka
  • Amina Khalil
  • Ahmad Dawood

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